The Kayak Forum                       Lots of info and useful techniques

Desert Teardrops                        Plans and Ideas for Teardrops

Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers Any type of small camper discussion                                                          
Kuffel Creek Press                      Source for plans and other outdoor stuff

Glen-L                                       Parts for campers and RV's

J.C. Whitney                              Windows and other handy parts

Lil Bear                                     Parts and plans

Teardrop Fixit Shop                    Parts For Teardrop Trailers 

Raka                                         Supplies for Fiberglass and Epoxy

Parts and Supplies
Builders and Restorers
Outback Teardrop                  Larry and Diane Sorensen's extreme Teardrop

Baja Benroy                          Mike Schneider's Teardrop Projects

Denny Unfried                      A very nice building journal.

East Coast Teardrops             Very well made Teardrops for sale.

Aussie Teardrops                   Reiner builds beautiful Teardrops in Australia
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