My first Teardrop Trailer.
  A Kuffel Creek Cubby..AKA, The Stripper
  Building the frame, Part 2

Greetings from Planet Steve-O !!
This is standard equipment for sanding, painting, or epoxy chores. It's an A O Safety organic partical respirator.

After cleaning the welds and frame with a wire cup brush in the grinder, I wiped the frame with acetone, then shot it with Rustoleum primer.After a couple of days to harden, I'll come back to it and paint with gloss black.

Still red! Here's the bottom, exciting, HUH?

The frame, after a coat of Rustoleun Gloss Black. After two coats on the road-side, I'll flip it to do the top. I painted the axle and springs while I was at it!

 I added a 2" reciever on the back,for a bike carrier.

Right, the finished frame, this time it's right side up!

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