Peg's Custom Teardrop
       The concept becomes reality

I started a custom Teardrop for Peg Brown.  She will tow with a PT Cruiser, so, she needs a lightweight, compact design.
The process started with a few E-mails to get a feel for what Peg wanted. She sent a wish list, I responded with a drawing, Peg with more input, me with another drawing!! The process went on for a couple of weeks....
Here is the process!!

Here's my starting point, a 5' by 10' variation of the Cub/Modernistic.

After a few discussions, Peg's feedback..

We tried to get some more space by enlarging the profile at the rear..

Peg responded with a tweak, as well as, an art-deco motif..

Peg's idea as a color concept..This is a keeper..The progress continues....

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Updated July 14,2006
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