Custom Number Seven
A custom kit assembly

The customer wanted a simple, Shaker-style cabinet door. To save weight, I used 1/4" ply that was cut with a v-groove bit and jig, to give the effect of seperate boards.

I used 35-mm euro hinges. They are very easy to install, and are easily adjusted.

Simple, three door galley.
The counter is 1/2" birch ply with epoxy and spar varnish.

Keeping it light with a simple open shelving area below the counter.
The battery stows inside a box, secured under the low shelf.

All of the 12-volt wiring enters the lower galley under the counter.
I used a pelican box and a fuse block to create a "load center".

The fuse block is from Waytek. It's a 6-circuit setup.

The aluminum I had was scratched, so I burnished it with #3500 abrasive on my RO Sander. I had to do this on Peg's trailer and it looked really good.

Fenders, finished in Rustoleum Forest Green, are from Grant Whip.
The tail lights and license plate bracket are from
R W Johnson.
Marker lights and the wheels came from Southwest Wheel, along with the TorFlex Torsion Axle.

Out in the driveway, ready to dust off for delivery.

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Updated March 16, 2013