Custom Number Seven
A custom kit assembly

This project started out as a trailer that I built on speculation, perhaps, to be sold as a prototype kit.
I sold the"kit" to a customer that wanted me to finish it.
I built it as a 5-by-8, along with some custom features.

Here are the major components,
There are side panels, floor and bulkhead frames.
I built the floor for a 5-foot wide frame that I already had in the shop.

Here, I'm adding skins to the bulkhead frames.
I used 1/8" ply to save weight.

The exterior is 1/4" Oak ply from Home Depot, and Cherry, left over from the 'Rondack Lodge.
I decided to build the spec kit with crank out windows from Grant Whip.

The profile is from Peg's project.

The finish of the windows is black anodized.
The fit of the frame and operation of the crank out are first rate.

Here are the exterior side panels, in the process of fill coats of epoxy.

The cabin will have one large cabinet with three doors. There aren't any partitions to save weight.

The sides are ready for finishing with spar varnish before they are mated to the floor.

The galley is also built for weight conservation. There are three doors, but no partitions.

As always, a 1/8" ply headliner is glued up and finished before assembling to the walls.

Here's the headliner in place, ready for spars, wiring and insulation.

Typical "ShopManual" door frame construction.
Tried and true and rain proof.

The customer wanted an aluminum roof, like Peg's. I'm beginning to like this look, even if it's a bear to get on.

I added 2-by-2 angle supports and a 1-by-1 angle frame to create a load platform on the tongue.
The platform is about 18" by 24" the deck is expanded steel mesh.

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Updated March 16, 2013

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