Maroske Deck Fittings..
Recessed shock cord anchors..

These deck fittings are easy to make, once you get over the stress of drilling into a nicely stripped deck.
The deck lines pass through the fitting.

3/8" Holes for the tubing/mold, are drilled at 1" centers. I used a forstner bit, feed lightly!! The "mold" for the fitting is 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD tubing. I used latex tubing, like surgical tubing. I got it at Home Depot. The epoxy will not bond to the tubing, thus making it easily removed.

The tubing is cut to 4". A length of 1/4' OD rope (clothesline) keeps the tubing from deforming when it is fed through the deck.

On the underside of the deck, the area around the holes is sanded to allow good "bite" for the epoxy used later.

Viewed from the outside, the tubing/rope is fed through the deck to create a short "u" shape on the inside.

Back on the inside, the short (1/2" to 3/4" high loop is "cast in place" with a putty of, fumed silica, wood flour for color, and some milled or chopped 'glass.
The whole process is topped off with two layers of 'glass.
Once at the green-cured stage, the tubing can be pulled out, leaving a recessed deckline fitting.

Here is the rigging in the deck of the Explorer. The shock cord rigging passes through the recessed fittings.
The butterfly is printed on rice paper and laminated to the deck under 'glass.

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