The Rondack Lodge
Finishing up, Details..

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Here is the Dinette, set up as a single bed. The mattress is a 3" thick Knox Foam pad.

Lot's of room at the dinette. Notice the shelf and galley rail.

The Galley is 78" wide. Lot's of room to cook gormet camp meals!

I had awnings made. Here, I have just the side ones on. There is another for the front window and a large "porch" awning.

Here's a close-up of the awning and mounting hardware.

This is the set-up with the "porch awning". The awning is 6'-by 8'.

Another awning View!!

Our dinette. Phyll designed the table top. I made it from scraps of 1/4" ply.

OOPS!, A messy view of our queen-size bed.

The porta-potty is open. A small latch holds the cabinet lid up.

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Updated October 05, 2008
This design is Copyright, 2007, Steve Frederick

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