The Rondack Lodge
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Frame Exterior Walls, Body Floor Assembly Phyll's Fenders Cabin Interior Galley Electrical/Plumbing Finishing/Details Voyages

The plan is to have a potable water tank, a grey water tank, the water pump and the battery installed under the bed.
The electrical panel will go under the counter, and the propane bottle, on the tongue.

Since the area will house water tanks, and have openings through the floor for valves and wiring, I begin the prep by placing a cant-strip, material cut at a 45-degree angle, into the joint at the floor and bed supports. I used foam for this. Next, I'll seal the strips, floor, and about 4" of the walls in several coats of epoxy. If a tank or plumbing leaks, the water will stay in the compartment, then drain through the opening in the deck. 

Electrical Installation
I went around the roof area and roughed in the lighting fixtures. For the recessed fixtures, I added some extra ply for better screw-holding power.

For the galley lights, I ended up placing the light openings where the joint in the hatch liner is..ready reinforcement!!

I ran the cabling through holes in the roof framing. I grouped the cables together to minimize cutting around them for the insulation. 

I ran cabling along each side, since I have fixtures all over the cabin!
The cable is 14-ga security cable.

Here, you can see the wiring for the tail-lights and the hatch lights. 

I have four reading lights over the bed area, and a main ceiling light. The fan and two wall spots are also roughed in.

I built my own fuse panel. Nothing fancy, just a fuse block from Waytek, and a left-over box from the panel shop at work.

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Updated July 1, 2007
This design is Copyright, 2007, Steve Frederick

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