The Rondack Lodge
Building The Floor

Design Copyright 2007, Steve Frederick

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I built the floor framing right on the ply for the floor deck. I used construction adhesive and "clamped" it with drywall screws, driven through the deck, into the bench. Before I add the other skin, I'll remove the screws. There are no other fasteners in this method.

I used poplar 1 by  lumber for the framing. It's about the same weight as common pine, less costly, and very stable.
I placed a framing member on each seam and at every point where the floor contacts the frame.

Since I'm developing a set of plans for this design, and my recent project, I revise the plans and create a set of "as-builts". These revisions will show any corrections needed to built the Teardrop from the plans.
My plans will be sold for designs I have personally built, not just computer generated!

As I do on all of my projects, I insulated the floor with foam board. This not only adds insulation from the cold air and ground below, but provides structural strength by creating a strong panel (sandwich).

Here, I've completed the floor, adding the road-side plywood. I used long screws to "clamp" the layers together, leaving a few shorter screws in the seams for strength. I used 1-1/4" treated deck screws where I left them in place.

For protection from moisture, I covered the road-side with two coats of epoxy. I used 'glass on the seams.

Once the epoxy was cured, I painted the underside with black Rustoleum. This is just my artistic preference. You never know when a Troll might be looking at the bottom of the trailer as you cross his bridge!!

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Updated Nov 26,2006
This design is Copyright, 2007, Steve Frederick

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