The Rondack Lodge
Building The Frame

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I decided to use 2" by 3" by 1/8" tubing for this frame. It will give me more strength than 2" by 1/4" tubing. I laid out the frame to incorporate the tongue with the frame. I'll add extensions to the sides to support the width of the body.

I added a section of 1/4" plate steel to the bottom of the miter where the frame and tongue meet .

I have the frame welded and ready to flip over to finish welding the top, and add the dropped floor section.

The dropped floor is made from 11-gauge black sheet steel. It's very strong and water-tight! I'll line it with insulation and a wood floor later.

I'm going to add a removable bumper, so I welded two 1-1/4" recievers to the rear of the frame.

The frame is cleaned up with acetone, and is ready for primer and paint.

Here's the frame, painted in Rustoleum gloss black over two coats of primer.
I have the wheels/brakes installed, ready to test-roll!

The black-steel dropped floor, welded in place.
I only painted the outside, since I will be covering the inside with insulation and a layer of 1/4" ply, later.

A friend pointed out that there might be a possibility of rust inside the floor area, so I primed and painted it!  Thanks Micro!!

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Updated Nov 26,2006
This design is Copyright, 2007, Steve Frederick

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