The Rondack Lodge

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Here is a project that seeks to add as much in the way of comfort and room, as possible.
The plan evolved as we looked at the features of a friend's Metzendorf. The Metz is a 1960  travel trailer that is small and lightweight. There is a full size bed, a dinette/bed, and a small kitchen. I enlarged the full bed to queen-size, kept the dinette/bed, and added a portable toilet in place of the kitchen. For the kitchen. I added the traditional galley to the rear of the design.

Here is the inspiration for our new project. It's a 1960 Metzendorf.
This one is owned by our camping buddies, Rick and Diane Sheerin.
The plan is to take the profile and features of the Metz, and blend them into a traditional Teardrop Trailer.

My first design, based looseley on the Metz profile, with a galley stuck on the rear.

I rounded the top a bit , as well as the rear, to get the classic Teardrop shape that I wanted.
This is our final profile!

This design will be almost twice the size of the 'Diner. The frame will be 78" wide by 11' long with a 4' long tongue.
The body will be 80" by 13'.

The floor plan is basically like the Metz, except, we will put the pottie where the kitchen was in Rick and Diane's trailer.
Note the galley space added to the rear.

Here's the frame, as I see it currently. I'll build a steel recess, as I did for our 'Diner, to add head room. The axle will be a #3500 Flexride unit with electric brakes.

Well, I've come up with a  keeper! Phyll likes it, I have the shop cleared out, so here we go!

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Updated Nov 26,2006
This design is Copyright, 2007, Steve Frederick