My second Kayak.
  A Newfound Explorer, Designed by Hans Freidel
  Finishing up..Launching

Hull Work Deck/Hatches Coaming/Details Joining Hull/Deck Finishing/Launching

After the seal coats, I sanded the boat to 150 grit with the R.O.S.. This is the result after one coat of varnish.
The hull will get painted after 4, or more coats of varnish on the deck.

I used Helmsman varnish on the Guillemot, and my paddles, so I will use it here. I also bought a good brush to use on varnish only.

On left, seat back supports made of birch ply, sealed in epoxy.
Detail of the under-deck hatch hold downs.

The day hatch.I decided to finally make wooden toggles for this boat, and to replace the PVC pipe on the Guillemot. These are mahagony.

I rigged the toggles with braided nylon cord. I drilled half way through the toggle, then set the cord in epoxy.

I gave the toggles a coating of varnish as I worked on the deck.

The deck got 6 coats of varnish. I'll wet sand, maybe, after we use the boat this summer. I painted the hull with Glidden Porch and Deck Paint.

It's a polyurethane based paint. The label says it's a hard, durable finish. We'll see! Color is a very faint tint of purple, to compliment the coaming.

Here are some shots of the cockpit and rigging.
I used a Sonic backband and seat. The seat is loose now, and will be attached with velcro after some test paddling

Cockpit and coaming.
The seat and backband are from
Newfound Woodworks

Another kayak makes it out of the shop window!!
And onto the lawn.

A shot showing the butterfly "onlays" and maroske deck rigging.
Em, and the pre-launch shot with her new kayak.

The Explorer at the Schoharie crossing, on the Mohawk River.
The site is east of Albany near Amsterdam, New York

The Fleet, so far, resting on the shore after the maiden voyage of the Explorer.
paddle on the Explorer is from plans in Nick Schade's book.

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