My second Kayak.
  A Newfound Explorer, Designed by Hans Freidel
Glassing and finishing the Hull..Joining Hull and Deck

Hull Work Deck/Hatches Coaming/Details Joining Hull/Deck Finishing/Launching

At the ends of the hull, there were small gaps in the bevel. I filled these with epoxy putty.
The seams were rounded slightly to allow the 'glass to follow the hull easily.

The hull with a layer of 5oz glass. I covered the keels with a strips of bias 5 oz glass. I forgot to get a photo.
A label in the 'glass will help to identify the kayak should it ever get "lost"

I used ez-point studs to fasten the footpeg rails to the hull. The studs require that the threads in the rails be removed, as well as space made for a 1/4x20 nut. I used a 7/8" hole saw to do both steps at once.
The rail/footpeg assembly is from

I covered the ends of the rails with tape, then tacked the rail with the studs in place with a dot of epoxy. After the 'tack' had cured, I removed the rails, leaving the studs behind.

I notched the stud plate with my dremel and a cutoff wheel to achieve better glue bite.
The whole plate is buried in thickened/colored epoxy, covered with 2 layers of 3.75oz 'glass.

The finished hull, all surfaces sealed in epoxy, ready for the assembly of the hull to the deck.

The Bulkheads were sealed with three thin coats of epoxy.
I covered everything with newspaper to limit the mess from any epoxy squeeze out.

I glued the halves together with epoxy, thickened with fumed silica, and a little wood dust for color.
The whole assembly was "clamped" with straps and reinforced strapping tape.
I reached through the hatches and cockpit to wipe up drips on the sheer clamp.

I trimmed the deck to the hull with a spokeshave, then rounded the seam with a fairing board and R.O.S.

The halves were 'glassed together with bias cut strips of 3.75 oz material.
These photos show the boat after a sanding of the joint, and an all-over sanding to 100 grit and a fill coat of epoxy.

Almost ready to wet-sand and apply the finish!

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