'Lil Diners One and Two
        Framing, insulating and skinning the roof...'Glassing the roof...

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I installed roof spars over the headliner, another benefit to my "inside-out" method.

The spars are glued to the headliner and screwed to the wall ledge from the top.

Frank had an idea to make the roof vent for the a/c unit flush to the roof.

Here's how it looks! The roof skin will be open over the vent.

I ran the wiring through the roof. The locations where the cables pass through the spars was noted so that I wouldn't nail through them later.

3/4" conduit directs the cables through the headlined, into the cabinet below.

To aid in making the insulation follow the curves, I cut kerfs every inch in the back.

The insulation was glued on with construction adhesive. clamps and blocks hold things 'til set.

I nailed/glued the first layer of 1/8" ply to the roof spars. I nailed it down with my brad nailer.

I left the first layer of ply about 1" long on each end. I'll use this as bearing for clamps later.
Notice that I marked the areas where wiring runs, so that I don't shoot a nail into them.

The first layer is completed. Here and there, I used a scrap of ply and screws to hold down a resistant joint.

I used the extra wood as a surface to clamp the second layer to. This allows a roof without nails or other fasteners.

The final section, held in place with clamps and weights.

'Glassing the roof
The roof to wall joint is prepared by rounding off the roof and sanding the wall.

A sealing coat of thin epoxy gives a hint of the beauty in the wood!

'Glass is carefully laid out on the roof. I had to add 2" strips on the edges. The next one will be made a bit narrower to make the extra strips un-needed.

"glass wetted out...

...After two coats of epoxy...

...After five coats of spar varnish!!

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