'Lil Diners One and Two
        Bulkheads,,Odds and Ends..And a "Barnraising"!

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Mike sent me a very clear, detailed layout for the cabinet/bulkheads.
The plans call for an a/c unit and furnace, along with storage in the rear bulkhead.
The forward bulkhead will get a cabinet with sliding doors.

  I laid out and cut the rear bulkhead from one piece of 3/4" ply.

Here's the rear bulkhead. The left opening is for the a/c unit. The right, for the furnace.
The lower doors are the storage areas.

I cut the tracks for the sliding doors in the rails of the forward bulkhead cabinet.

The doors are 1/4" ply. The grooves are 5/16" wide.

Here's the forward bulkhead. The  framing is maple.

Odds and Ends
I glued the headliner together while on the bench. It is made with two 5-foot wide sections of 1/8" thick ply. This will allow me to just set the whole headliner in place when the time comes.

I also cut the galley lid sides from the walls while on the bench.

I'll set the hatch sides aside, until I start building the hatch.

For the door strike/seal, I built up two layers of 1/4" ply. The first is a spacer to accomodate the doorseal, the second, is the strike, cut about 3/4" smaller than the door opening.

The finished door frame is glued in place while the wall sits on the bench.

The 'Lil Diner Barn Raising!
This is the Lil'Diner on the morning before Mike and another Teardropper, Frank Thomas, showed up for a build weekend. I had as much pre-assembly done as possible. When the guys came, we assembled everything.

Street side and Galley bulkheads are in place.

Mike and Frank built the dropped floor whil I worked on the furnace and A/C installations.

The dropped floor was covered in 'glass. Some reinforcements were added to the underside of the floor.

While Mike and Frank worked on the floor recess, I worked on the appliance wall.
Here's the furnace installation.

The a/c unit will sit in this box, seen from above. When completed, the box will get sealed in epoxy so that any moisture from the unit will drain through the hole in the floor.

This hole in the floor provides air for the condenser and drainage of the condensate.
A 'glassed cover gets installed over this air "duct".

Frank holds the furnace cover in place for a preview.

We built storage compartments under the dinette seats.

It was a real joy to have Frank in my shop. A really smart guy, and a hard worker.

My method for the headliner installation is painless!! You just lay it on the wall ledges, and glue/nail it in place. No contortions or struggle!
This whole series of shots took us less than an hour!

This design is really big inside!!
Here we are on Sunday, a little tired, but satisfied with our progress!
Thanx Frank and Mike!! It was a joy to work with you!!

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Design ans photo-realistics renderings, Copyright, Mike Schneider
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Updated July 14,2006

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