'Lil Diners One and Two
        Building wall panels...Insulation and wiring...And a floor!

Intro Wall Panels Insulation, Wiring, Floor Bulkheads Roof Galley Diner #1 Finished Diner #2 Differences Diner #2 Final Touches

These are the doors for my trailer. I have a left and right door, so, I laid out the doors with the latch sides together. This will help me to be sure to place the blocking for the door handles in the right place

 I placed a maple framing member on the hinge side of the door. The screws for the hinge will have a good bite into the hardwood.

This is Mike's door, he has only one. I used blocks of ply, screwed to the bench as clamps to glue the skin to the frame.

I added small blocks in the corners of the window opening. Once glued in place, I will trim them to the opening with the router.

I left the frame proud of the skin. I'll trim this when I trim the window openings.

The finished exterior panels, trimmed to size. I used a top bearing guided pattern bit.

I placed the fenders, Grant Whipp units, on the tires to get a placement for blocking for the fenders to bolt to. I'll place this blocking in the wall as it gets insulated.

Nothing fancy here! Just filled in the spaces not occupied by blocking. I glued the insulation in place with Gorilla-Glue

I added tubes to allow me to run wiring to the wall switches and lighting. I'll mark the location of the tube ends so that I can drill to them later.

I did the same blocking method as the doors, for the openings.

Finished with the router.

This next series of shots shows the trimming of the interior skins to the framing.

Here's the wall, skinned on both sides, ready for finish!
Note the openings for the bulkheads.

Building the floor.

The floor frame is built up with 1 by 3 pine and poplar. I used poplar for the long sides.

I fastened the floor to the frame with construction adhesive and screws.

Here's the floor. 1 by 3 framing and 1/2" thick plywood.

The floor is insulated with 3/4" foam. I glued the foam in place with construction adhesive.

I cut bevels on the ends of the floor where the body sides will end.

The road side of the floor got two coats of roofing sealer, a good, inexpensive waterproofing.

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