'Lil Diners One and Two
        Our "Lil Diner....Some final touches....

Intro Wall Panels Insulation, Wiring, Floor Bulkheads Roof Galley Diner #1 Finished Diner #2 Differences Diner #2 Final Touches

If you would like to have a Teardrop Trailer of your own, please contact me! I take commissions for custom work.
If you are a do-it-yourself-er, I have produced a
shop manual that shows how I build the trailers shown on this site.
Using this manual, you could easily build any design from any plans, even a sketch on a napkin!!

Thanks for looking! We'll see you in camp!

Contents and images, Copyright, 2002-2006, Steve Frederick
Design ans photo-realistics renderings, Copyright, Mike Schneider
No image or text may be reproduced for any commercial use without permission.
Updated July 14,2006

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