'Lil Diners One and Two
       A new design by Mike Schneider

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I'll be posting progress pictures as I build the first Lil Diner Teardrop Trailer. This is a design by Mike Schneider, a variation of The Weekender.The design is being finalized as of this entry. A trip to Home Depot soon for pattern materials.

Well, Mike and I have gone back and forth in a flurry of E-mail and a phone call...The plans have evolved to include a tongue box. Some changes were made to accomodate Air Conditioning, ala a window unit, through the galley bulkhead, and a small, propane furnace.
The design is now 11 feet long. This presents the challenge of building side walls to 54" by 11'. The plan will be, for me to build up a panel large enough to cut the sides from. I don't want a "traditional" seam, as the sides will be clear-coated. I came up with a rough idea for a simple curved splice.

I'm off to the shop! I need to figure out how I will construct those curved joints!
I wondered if I would be able to pull off assembling a panel of 5' by 11' without scarfing or a butt joint. I decided to build the panel in scale to see how I could do it.

I fiddled with Mike's drawing in Paint to get an idea of where the joints would need to be.

I plotted out the profile, roughly, on graph paper.
I cut a "4 by 8" panel that could be moved around to help in the layout.

I cut scale panels in Birch and Oak.
The panels are 8" by 16".
I layed the panels out in a stack to be cut out together. This will, hopefully, yield a joint good enough to assemble.

Here's the first try! Looks pretty good! The panels are offset to put wood in the areas where the side wall will actually be.
I have the assembled panel glued up now. I'll coat in 'glass tommorrow to get the feel for the final product.
Stay Tuned!!

Last night, I 'glassed the test panel with 6oz cloth and epoxy. Today, I cut a teardrop profile from the panel.
The shape is not exactly that of the Lil' Diner, I drew it freehand. For the full sized profile, I'll use a template drawn from measurements.

  Here's the mock-up of the side in scale. You can see the weave of the 'glass, since, I only applied one coat of epoxy to bond the fabric. The actual panels will get a fill coat of epoxy over the bonding coat. This fills the weave, and gives a good surface for final finish, spar varnish.

I did a second test to see how Luan, from the home center, would look between sections of Birch.

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Updated July 14,2006

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