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My First, A Kuffle Creek Comet. This Trailer is world famous as the "Stripper"!
We took the "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" Award at the Tearjerkers' Mystic Gathering in  2004 and 2005.
Folks really like the Cedar Stripped roof and Golden Oak interior.
The exterior is Maple ply, with Mahagony and Ash inlays.
This is a 5-by-10-footer.
The trailer now resides in Kentucky.

My second, a Mike Schneider design, is the Lil'Diner.
The First of two, a prototype, was built for the designer. My part of the project, was to deliver a finished body with cabinets.
Mike would apply finish and other details at home, in Michigan.
This design is a 5-by-11-footer. The major feature is the dinette area. This Teardrop also has built-in air conditioning.
The exterior is grade-A Birch/Cherry/A-Birch.

The third, is our Lil'Diner.
I changed a few details to make it better, and left out the A/C unit in favor of more galley and interior space.
The exterior is Birch/Cherry/Birch. The galley and interior are Maple/Birch.
This one is a keeper for us, at least so-far! We finished it with an Adirondack Mountain feel.
This won "BEST GALLEY" at the 2006 Tearjerkers' North/South Gathering.

Number four was a custom design, that I did for a gal in Mass.
This one is a 4-by-8-footer, weighing 760-pounds. Every bit was designed per Peg's specs.
The exterior is Cherry, Hickory, and Sapelle Mahagony. The Galley is done in Cherry, Maple, and Hickory.
The interior is all Cherry.
Peg won "PEOPLE'S CHOICE" at the 2006 Tearjerkers' Mystic meet.
The roof is 0.40 aluminum, something new for me.

Here is a project that seeks to add as much in the way of comfort and room, as possible.
The plan evolved as we looked at the features of a friend's Metzendorf. The Metz is a 1960  travel trailer that is small and lightweight.
There is a full size bed, a dinette/bed, and a small kitchen. I enlarged the full bed to queen-size, kept the dinette/bed, and added a portable toilet in place of the kitchen.
For the kitchen. I added the traditional galley to the rear of the design.

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